Old Austin County Jail

Old Austin County Jail in Bellville, TX

Business Membership

Business Membership only costs $100 per year.

Business Members earn unique benefits with the Texas Jail Association, including:

  • Recognition in Key Issues
  • Recognition at the TJA Conference
  • 10% Discount on all advertising in Key Issues
  • A Unique Membership Plaque to Display at Events

Business members will also enjoy many of the other benefits of TJA Membership.

  • Advertise in Key Issues

    Key Issues, the official journal of the Texas Jail Association, is published three times a year. All issues are sent via email and available on the TJA website all year long. The yearly summer edition is also printed and mailed out to the TJA membership. The journal is authorized to publish advertisements and the following rate schedule has been established:

    Ad Size Per Issue Three Issues
    Quarter Page $200 $500
    Half Page $400 $1000
    Full Page $600 $1500
    Double Page $1000 $2600

    Advertisers should provide high resolution eps, tif, or pdf files via email. Files submitted via disk, usb or other hardware are also accepted. Advertisements, along with a check made payable to the “Texas Jail Association” in the correct amount, should be mailed to the following:

    TJA Headquarters
    Attn: Sharese Hurst
    Box 2296
    Huntsville, TX 77341-2296.

  • Conference Exhibition

    TJA offers many vendor opportunities at our two major annual conferences, the TJA Annual Conference and the Jail Management Issues (JMI) Conference. TJA conferences have high attendence rates and vendors have many chances to make contact with these attendees. These opportunities include:

    Exhibitor Booth
    Purchasing an exhibit booth will include three full conference registrations and a 6 foot draped table to set up in the conference Exhibit Hall. All breakfast and refreshment breaks will be held inside the Exhibit Hall. There will also be a reception and dedicated exhibition times to give all conference exhibitors plenty of opportunities to be exposed to conference attendees. All exhibitors are also welcome to attend all conference functions.

    Conference exhibitors or even those who are not able to attend also have the option of event sponsorship. These events may include receptions, entertainment, and refreshment breaks. Sponsors are given special recognition in the conference workbook and through large signage that will be present at the sponsored event.

    Door Prizes
    Door prizes are another great way to reach out to attendees without attending the conference.

    Conference Mobile App
    The mobile app is a new addition to TJA conferences, and a great opportunity to advertise even after the conference is over. Mobile sponsors have several options available, from displaying full page ads, logos, and messages through the attendees phone for as long as they own the app.

    Conference Activities
    Each TJA conference also holds conference activities, including golf tournaments and scavenger hunts. These activities differ, but offer unique sponsorship opportunities.

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