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The OSS Academy training discount will be available to active TJA members. The discount code will be emailed to the address TJA has on record. If you have an active TJA membership and do not receive your code please contact Sharese Hurst to confirm your membership status and the email address on record.

OSS Academy Training Courses are still available for non-members at full cost.

OSS Academy is proud to announce our partnership with the Texas Jail Association [TJA]. Adding to the many TJA member benefits, OSS is now offering discounted access to our catalog of online TCOLE courses, thereby supporting TJA’s longstanding mission to advance professionalism through training. Working in concert with the numerous opportunities TJA has provided since its formation in 1986, the courses at OSS Academy draw upon an equally historied well of experience and expertise.

OSS Academy and OSS Law Enforcement Advisors apply more than 110 years of combined professional experience in law enforcement, jail, security, correctional care, and criminal justice fields to provide quality services to meet our client’s needs. Drawing from a wide range of backgrounds, our Subject Matter Experts [SME’s] infuse our services with their wealth of educational credentials, related training, and real-world experience.

Building on the foundation of a three-generation U.S. Army and instructor tradition, David Salmon II serves as OSS’s Training Coordinator, overseeing the design and presentation of 1,000s of law enforcement, corrections, and counter-terrorist courses to meet TCOLE training requirements and for professionals worldwide.

Since 1974, OSS has utilized and expanded the knowledge of our experts through our expert witness consulting services, policy & procedures development, risk assessments, and online training, with each facet of the company feeding the improvement of other services.

Recognizing the importance of easily accessible and informative training for the busy officer, jailer, and telecommunictor, OSS provides an ever-expanding catalog of TCOLE certified corrections and jailer courses through our online platform, presenting self-paced training and no-hassle TCOLE reporting. These include required courses for advanced TCOLE certification and continuing education and a wide range of TCOLE electives, such as Jail & Lockup Liability and Inmate Rights & Privileges #3502.

In working with the TJA, OSS intends to further facilitate and simplify the training experience of the TJA members. Through the TJA training portal at www.TJA.ossfirst.com, members can access a large selection of OSS courses at a discounted rate, along with periodic sales, promotions, and new course offerings.

Here at OSS, we truly consider it an honor to have the opportunity to work with TJA and its members. Whether it be a training-related question, an inquiry into our other services, or a general question about mitigating risk within your facility, feel free to contact us.

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